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Welcome to colin_watch! This is the place for members to post the latest news, TV/movie appearances and pictures of Irish actor, Colin Farrell. No, we're not stalkers, but if you happen to catch a snapshot of Colin on your phone or digital camera, what the hell, share! Sure, we officially hate the papparazzi, but thank God for them or we'd never get a chance to see our lad canoodling with his latest love or catching a flight at LAX.

Everything you need to know to join and post can be found in the rules below.

TIP: it's always nice to have people post TV/movie spots as coming up in other countries outside the US! This goes for magazine scans as well.

Mod, just_jimbo, took over from community founder crofan28 on 7-1-2007

{ R u l e s }
These are pretty straight forward. Read them over, please and thanks. :)
  • You must be a Colin Farrell fan.

  • You must be a member to post. To become a member, go here.

  • If you're posting more than two pictures (or if your pictures are more than 400px wide), place them under an LJ cut.

  • If you want to post icons, they must be under an LJ cut and to make the post "legal" you must post at least one tid-bit of news (even if it's old news, lol).

  • Do NOT hotlink to pictures that others have posted: A) on the comm, or B) on their own websites. If you use scans from an authorized source, credit the source.

Note: Inappropriate posts will be deleted. What's inappropriate? I haven't decided, but I'll know it when I see it.

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None yet, but we'd love to add some.